The Pavilion is a truly unique fully inclusive mainstream facility established as a Creative Well-being Activity Centre. It caters for people with various levels of ability.


Innovative concept of our facility can be best described as a combination between a mainstream health & fitness centre, and a smaller scale arts venue with a variety of creative art and well-being activities. 


We run a multi-faceted well-being programme at the Pavilion aimed at addressing physical health our clients. Apart from structured fitness programme facilitated in our gym and sports hall, we also run a massage and hydro pool sessions as required by client’s needs.


Our restaurant serves high quality lunches and clients are able to learn the cooking skills in our training kitchen. We also offer a voluntary employment opportunity of running our cafe.


Music speaks when words fail. At the Pavilion we aim to utilise natural musical ability to explore alternative ways of communication; therapy; specially developed listening programmes and community music programmes.


Jon Hall, Nordoff-Robbins trained Music Therapist with extensive professional experience of music production, combines these two skills together within his practice at the Pavilion. Jon’s practice provides individual and group music therapy sessions for our clients as well as it enables them to create and record their own songs.

To see music videos created at the Pavilion please follow the link:


"Under the guise of play and pretend, we can - for once - act in new ways. The bit of distance from real life afforded by drama enables us to gain perspective on our real-life roles and patterns and actions, and to experiment actively with alternatives." -- Renee Emunah, PhD, RDT/BCT Director, Drama Therapy Program, California Institute of Integral Studies.


​In collaboration with Spare Tyre Thatre company we are in a process of developing a training programme for support of people with Learning Disabilities.


“Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life.” ~ Pablo Picasso


​We are currently providing a range of art & craft activities at the Pavilion. Our activities are designed to provide our clients with a safe environment to express and explore their inner life.