"Under the guise of play and pretend, we can - for once - act in new ways. The bit of distance from real life afforded by drama enables us to gain perspective on our real-life roles and patterns and actions, and to experiment actively with alternatives." -- Renee Emunah, PhD, RDT/BCT Director, Drama Therapy Program, California Institute of Integral Studies.


​We are pleased to announce that we have been awarded a grant by the Arts Council to develop a training programme for support of people with Learning Disabilities in collaboration with Spare Tyre Thatre company. Aim of the training programme is to enable support workers to more efficiently support people with Learning Disability and achieve a greater level of engagement.


Following the succesful implementation of the training programme at the Pavilion we will offer this training to other partners in the care sector.


We anticipate to be starting this work in the next couple of months.