Music speaks when words fail.


At the Pavilion we aim to utilise natural musical ability to explore alternative ways of communication; therapy; specially developed listening programmes and community music programmes.


Jon Hall, Nordoff-Robbins trained Music Therapist, with extensive professional experience of music production, combines these two skills together within his practice at the Pavilion. Jon’s practice provides individual and group music therapy sessions for our clients as well as it enables them to create and record their own songs.

We are currently running a pilot programme with patients from acute psychiatric wards preparing them for discharge in the community. Programme hass been very sucessful and this is one of the original songs recorded at those sessions.

We incorporate various therapeutic approaches in supporting clients to creaqtively express themselves. In this short clip you can see  Tai-chi based approach that helped the client with some of the identified issues.




Our clients create a songs that address some of the issues from their lives. They use music from their cultures and write their own lyrics with a support of our music therapist.