The Pavilion - health & social care service modeling facility


In a current climate of integration of social & health care budgets there is a need for alternative service model development of the new type of services. This presents a significant challenge for the commissioners who are unable to create truly novel service model within an existing service provision e.g. community based social care model that delivers health outcomes or vice versa.Our innovative facility and specialist service modeling service provides an effective solution to the commissioning departments.


The Pavilion has been specially designed to accommodate needs of service users groups with various levels of disabilities e.g. learning disabilities, mental health, dementia, head injury,... This type of unique facility coupled with an expert team of professionals with wide ranging expertise in health & social care and a proven record of effective innovation enables efficient and cost effective way to develop new service models according to briefs and desired outcomes for commissioning bodies.


We offer an opportunity for great value for money service development modeling where we can develop service models for an initial consultancy fee and then develop an implementation plan and training for the commissioning bodies to implement models in their communities. We are open for commissions from CCGs or NHS England for community service models for specific service users groups culturally appropriate for specific demographics e.g. recovery service models for people with mental health issues to reduce dependence on acute services, preventative music programmes for people with dementia that can be delivered in local music studios or art galleries, dementia outreach in local cinemas, modern day services for people with learning disabilities,...


Versatility of our facility enables us to model services that can be delivered in all community settings like sports facilities, cinemas, beauty parlours, cafes, hydro polls & swimming pools, gyms, art centres, sensory environments,...


We provide a workable and transferable model of service with required outcomes together with necessary facility design & specifications, financial modeling that include saving plans on existing services and required training programmes for staff.

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